Amigurumi Farmer Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Farmer Bunny Free Crochet Pattern (4)
Greetings, I will share with you a wonderfully cute crochet amigurumi bunny pattern. I haven’t shared such a cute and easy crochet bunny in a while. I found it for you and now I am introducing it to you without any delay. Those who are new to making amigurumi will be most pleased as it is a pattern that they will love. Since it is at a basic level, you can improve yourself and have fun while making this sweet amigurumi bunny. The crochet rabbit pattern is free and I will add a PDF file so you don’t have any difficulty. If I had to briefly explain how the amigurumi bunny is made, its arms, legs, head and body are made separately and then assembled. The overalls he is wearing are made during his body, so it will be a fixed overalls. Finally, you tie a ribbon to its ears and the cute farmer amigurumi bunny is ready.

Amigurumi Farmer Bunny Free Pattern

Designer: croshaw_crochets


Ch: Chain
MR: Magic ring
Sc: Single crochet
BLO: Back loop only
FLO: Front loop only
FO: Fasten off
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease


Yarn (I use chenille)
Stitch marker
Crochet hook suitable for yarn size.
Sewing needle
Acrylic yarn for the mouth


Main colour.
Rnd 1: MR (6)
Rnd 2: inc x 6 (12)
Rnd 3: (sc,inc) x 6 (18)
Rnd 4:(2sc,inc) x 6 (24)
Rnd 5: (3sc,inc) x 6 (30)
Rnd 6-9: sc x 30 (30)
Rnd 10: (3sc,dec) x 6 (24)
Rnd 11: (2sc,dec) x 6 (18)
Rnd 12: (1sc,dec) x 6 (12)
FO, stuff and weave in the ends as we will be using the body tail to sew.


Blue colour.
Rnd 1. MR (6)
Rnd 2. inc x6 (12)
Rnd 3. (sc,inc)x6 (18)
Rnd 4. (2sc,inc)x6 (24)
Rnd 5-7. sc x 24 (24)
Rnd 8. FLO with blue, ch 6, skip 3 st, sc 8, ch 6, skip 3 st, sc 10 (24)
Change to main colour.
Rnd 9. BLO of rnd 8, sc x24 (24)
Rnd 11. (2sc,dec)x6 (18)
Rnd 12. (1sc,dec)x6 (12)
FO, stuff leave a long tail to sew.


Rnd 1. MR (6)
Rnd 2. sc x6 (6)
Rnd 3: (1sc,inc)x3 (9)
Rnd 4. sc x9 (9)
Rnd 5. (2sc,inc)x3 (12)
Rnd 6-8. sc x 12 (12)
Rnd 9. (2sc,dec)x3 (9)
Rnd 10-11. sc x9 (9)
Rnd 12. (1sc,dec)x3 (6)
Rnd 13. sc x 6 (6)
Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew.
The ears will be sewn onto round 2-4 of the head.



Main colour.
Rnd 1. 6 MR (6)
Rnd 2. inc x6 (12)
Rnd 3. 4 dec, 4 sc (8)
Rnd 4. sc x8 (8)
Fasten off, leave a tail to sew, stuff lightly.

Arms (make 2)

Main colour.
Rnd 1. MR (5)
Rnd 2-3. sc x5 (5)
Stuff, FO leave tail to sew.


The bow is worked in two separate chains, A and B. Make sure to leave a tail to sew onto the ears later.

Chain A:
Ch 30, in the 2nd chain from hook slst 29, join the ends to create a loop and twist in the middle to make a figure 8.


Chain B:
Ch 20, in the 2nd chain from hook slst 19, do not this chain. Knot this chain in the middle of figure 8 as shown in image.



Sew together head and body. Arms are to be sewn on in between the loops made on the body.
Legs are sewn onto Rnd 2-3 of the body 4 stitches apart.
Ears are sewn onto Rnd 2-4 of the head, use arms as guidance 1-2 stitches apart.
Embroider eyes in Rnd 7 roughly 5 stitches apart and mouth in Rnd 8 as shown in image.
Attach bow to ears by using the excess tail and knot them together, sew loose ends into the head.

Amigurumi Farmer Bunny Free Crochet Pattern (3)



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