Little Free Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern PDF

Little Free Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern PDF
I love making small amigurumi toys. I decorated a corner of my room with small toys amigurumi patterns. In this article, I shared the free easy crochet bunny pattern. We will use white color thread. The white color you need to pay attention to is the color tone of the thread. You can use white color thread that resembles cream color. Apart from my color recommendation, you can use different color threads. You can decorate the ceiling of your room with colorful bunny.

Download a free PDF to learn how to make a amigurumi crochet bunny pattern. You will complete the crochet bunny in just a few steps. You can make the eyes and mouth part in two different ways. The first option is to use black thread. Another alternative option is to use black crayons. Once you have your materials list ready, start by making the body. Prepare the arms, legs and head separately. While making the head, make the ears. Fill tightly with fiber during the assembly process. Your finger-sized crochet bunny pattern will be ready.

You can use it as an ornament by hanging it next to your office bag or school bag amigurumi patterns free. Since it is small in size, it can be used as a keychain. I can only recommend you to use it as a house key. Carrying the cute bunny with you will give you positive energy. Cute toys will make you happy.

Designer: luuncrochet


Chunky chenille yarn (cream)
Crochet hook, 8mm
Black felt



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