Boho Mandala Crochet Shoulder Bag Free Pattern

Boho Mandala Crochet Shoulder Bag Free Pattern (2)
Boho crochet shoulder bag pattern for those with a free spirit. It is a crocheted shoulder bag that will never disturb you while accompanying you at the most entertaining concerts with the arrival of summer, on the contrary, it will complement your style. Throw a few daily items into it and let yourself have fun. This tasseled boho crochet shoulder bag will accompany you on your adventures. This shoulder bag consists of three textured main parts. It is made to have a cover as well as front and back panels. The final touches will be done with your imagination. Wooden beads, tassels, or whatever comes to your mind. Here is this wonderful boho crochet shoulder bag free pattern with you now with detailed step by step instructions.



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