Crochet Granny Square Fanny Pack Free Pattern

crochet granny square fanny pack (2)
Here’s a great crochet fanny pack pattern for both men and women. If you like working with granny squares, you can make a wonderful crochet fanny bag. Create and combine granny squares. For the crochet fanny bag, you can either make a strap yourself or buy one ready made and wear it. I haven’t seen many beautiful crochet granny square fanny packs like this anywhere else. That’s why I’m a little excited right now. Sew a lining to the inside of your fanny crochet bag and make it more useful. It is very suitable for daily use. All eyes will be on your waist bag, especially when using it in the summer. Your crochet fanny bag will look more beautiful if you choose brightly colored threads. The thread used in this crochet pattern is self striping, if you choose such a thread, your work will be a little easier.



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