Red Crochet Bear Beanie Pattern Free

Red Crochet Bear Beanie Pattern Free
Hello my cute friends, in this article I shared a crochet beanie pattern for you. You can make this crochet beanie pattern free for children and adults. You can read the sewing technique in detail by looking at the designer notes and watch the training video. The free crochet beanie has teddy bear ears. The teddy crochet bear beanie pattern ears are sewn after the completed.

First, we will start by making the crochet beret. We will start making the crocheted beret from the top. Continue according to head measurements and finish when it reaches the level of the ears. We will complete the beret with the finishing stitch. You can make the ears using two different colors of yarn. Sew your completed ears. You can decorate the cute crochet beanie as you wish. You can write, you can sew little bee and honey symbols. You can support us by sharing this free crochet pattern with your friend who likes to have fun with beanie.



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