7 Free Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

You should check out the 7 different beautiful crochet baby hat patterns that I have chosen for you. You should definitely make these free crochet baby hat patterns for your babies. Or you can choose it as a gift and give it to your loved ones’ babies. Check out these fun crocheted baby hats, choose the one you like and get to work. There are baby hats for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crochet lover, there’s a baby hat for you all.

Baby hat crochet pattern

You should make these cute baby hats with your own hands so that your baby’s head does not get cold in winter. I hope you like the baby hat crochet patterns. I have brought together the most popular crochet baby hat patterns of recent times for you. Now you can check out these free baby hats below.

Free monster crochet baby hat pattern 3-6 months

A pattern instruction explaining how to adjust the size of this fun one-eyed monster crochet baby hat is waiting for you for 3-6 month old or newborn babies. You can personalize it using color combinations as you wish. If you’re thinking of a fun crochet baby hat for Halloween or a fun one, this is the hat for you.

free monster crochet baby hat pattern 3-6 months

Crochet newborn hat and jacket free pattern

In addition to this crocheted baby hat, there is also a baby jacket. Your baby will stay warm in cold weather with these two pieces that you can make as a set. This set, available in 3 different sizes, is designed for newborns, 3 months and 6-12 months.

Crochet newborn hat and jacket free pattern

Crochet baby hat 0-3 months

Those who want to make a crochet baby hat for 0-3 months will love this. These types of baby hats are very popular. A detailed video tutorial is also included in the designer’s pattern instructions. Now you will learn how to make these types of crochet hats, which are loved by adults, for children.

crochet baby hat 0-3 months

Crochet baby hat with ears

If you want to make a super soft crochet baby hat with ears, this pattern is perfect for you. Bear crochet is a cute pattern for baby hat lovers. The largest size only takes 9 turns to complete, which is why it’s so easy to make. It is also very soft because it is made of plush yarn.

Crochet baby hat with ears

Crochet butterfly baby hat

Crochet butterfly baby hat is for toddlers. However, you can adjust it for babies by making it smaller. The butterfly motif on the front looks very nice. You can learn how to do this in the free pdf file below.

crochet butterfly baby hat

Crochet toddler hat pattern

Since it is a flexible hat, it wraps the head well and does not prevent cold. Additionally, it will not disturb your child as it fits nicely. Now you can make the most timeless crocheted baby hat of recent times.

crochet toddler hat pattern

Crochet waffle stitch baby hat

The crochet waffle stitch baby hat can be made in different color combinations or in a single color. This crochet baby hat is flexible and easy to adjust to different sizes. You will learn how to do it not only for your baby but also for yourself from the link below.

crochet waffle stitch baby hat




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