Mini Lemon Crochet Chick Free Pattern

Mini Lemon Crochet Chick Free Pattern (2)
Today we are together with a small crochet chicken pattern. This crocheted chicken is tiny like a lemon and I wanted to share it with you because it is so cute. You can turn this little chick into a keychain if you want. All you have to do is add a keychain from the head. Since the little chicken is very simple, it will be a nice project for those who are just getting used to crocheting. So you can get some ideas on how to make amigurumi. In the crocheted chicken pattern, the body and head are one piece, and after completing the legs, the chicken will emerge. Then you make and complete the wings and hat.

Crochet Chick Lemon Free Pattern

Designer: amikawai_shop


5 mm crochet hook.
Yarn (white, yellow, green).
9 mm safety eyes.
Darning needle.


MR- Magic ring
Sc- Single crochet
Inc- Increase
Dec- Decrease
FO- Fasten off
Bo- Bobble stitch


Making with white.
1. 6 sc in MR
2. 6 inc (12)
3. (1inc,1sc)- 6 times (18)
4-6. 18 sc – 3 rounds
7. (1inc,2sc) – 6 times
8. 1 sc
9. 5 sc
10. 1 sc, (1dec,2sc)- 7 time – eyes between round 4-5.
11. 1 sc, (1dec,1sc)- 8 time – stuffing the body.
12. 10 dec FO.
For mouth make two horizontal stripes with yellow yarn.


Make 2 BO opposite each of the eyes but below the body.


2 ch, 3 sc in 1 st chain, slip stitch.


Making with white.
1. 6 sc in MR
2. 6 inc (12)
3. (1inc,1sc) – 6 time (18)
Change colour to yellow.
4-5. 18 sc – 2 rounds.
Fasten off, then cut some 6 cm long green yarn and pull it through the top of the hat.



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