Free Amigurumi Seal Crochet PDF Pattern

Free Amigurumi Seal Crochet PDF Pattern (2)

The crochet seal pattern, one of children’s favorite crochet sea animals, is with us today. If you are looking for an easy seal crochet pattern, you should definitely try it. Because it is very easy to make. His body and head already consist of one piece. Then, small pieces remain and are fixed to the body. Then you embroider his eyes, mouth and nose and shape his face. That’s it. It’s that easy to make a crochet seal. If you want children to get to know sea animals while playing games, you should definitely make this crochet seal amigurumi toy.

Designer: leta.toyfox

Difficulty level: easy.
Size: 5cm/2″ in height, 10cm/4″ in width, 13cm/5.1″ in length.

Materials and tools

1- Yarn recommended: YarArt Jeans, 55% cotton.
2- Hook size 2 mm (Us 4)
3- Yarn for embroidery.
4- Needle for sewing, tapestry needle, scissors, pins, markers.
5- Stuffing.



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