Best Crochet Summer Vest Free Pattern

Best Crochet Summer Vest Free Pattern
Wear your best crochet vests when you go to pick flowers. The crochet vest pattern you will examine now is designed to be used in the summer. Learn the materials used by looking at the designer notes and decide on the thread color you like.

After choosing the yarn, let’s start making the free crochet vest patterns step by step. The decorations on the bottom and top part of the vest are the same. The decorations in the middle part will be made in two rows. We will sew straight stitches in the middle of these two rows. Thus, we will decorate the vest in layers free crochet pattern. The length of the vest will be just above the knees. Adjust the number of stitch rows according to the height of the person who will use it. Read the designer notes to learn how to work to size. After completing the vest, you can fix it with threads in the front. Don’t forget to share the crochet summer vest pattern with your friends.



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