Super Cute Crochet Bumble Bee Free Pattern

Super Cute Crochet Bumble Bee Free Pattern (2)
Good morning, I wish everyone a nice weekend. Today I am with you with a very easy amigurumi bee pattern. This super cute crochet bee is so easy to make that even beginners will be able to do it without any difficulty. If you want to crochet bumble bee for your child and can’t find a free pattern, here’s one for you. The body of the crochet bumble bee consists entirely of one piece. After creating the body step by step without skipping the color changes, you make 2 wings and fix them to the body. That’s it. You can wear the bee’s eyes as ready-made eyes, or you can embroider the eyes with black thread.

Crochet bumble bee

Designer: naomi._.crochet


MR: Magic ring
Sc: Single crochet
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease
FLO: Front loops only
R: Round
F.O: Fasten off


• Yellow, black and white chenille yarn (himalaya dolphin baby 100g/120mt)
• 5 mm crochet hook
• 8 mm safety eyes
• Scissors
• Sewing needle
• Stuffing
• Stitch marker

The crochet bee

Start in yellow:
R1. 8 sc in a MR (8)
R2. 8 inc (16)
R3. (1sc,inc)x8 (24)
R4-5. sc around (24)
Change color to black:
R6-7. sc around (24)
Change color to yellow:
R8-9. sc around (24)
Add safety eyes between rows 2-3, 5 nonvisible stitches apart.
Change color to black:
R10-11. sc around (24)
Change color to yellow:
R12-13. sc around (24)
Start stuffing your bee.
Change color to black:
R14. sc around (24)
R15. (1sc,dec)x8 (16)
Stuff firmly.
R16. 8 dec (8)
R17. in FLO: 8 sc (8)
Stuff the sting as you go.
R18. sc around (8)
R19. (2sc,dec)x2 (6)
R20. 6 sc (6)
F.O & sew hole closed.

The wings (make 2)

In white color:
R1. 8 sc in a MR (8)
R2. 8 inc (16)
F.O and leave a tail for sewing the wings to the body.
Sew the wings between rows 7-10.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the crochet bee pattern.



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