Free Crochet Long Sleeve Shrug Pattern

Free Crochet Long Sleeve Shrug Pattern
Let’s make a crochet pattern in the style of a jacket suitable for the autumn season. We change from summer clothes to autumn. We will replace the thin shirt we wear with a thin sweater. We will create our trendy style with the crochet shrug design pattern we have prepared. Learn how to stitch eyelets and learn about materials by looking at designer notes.

We will do a superficial study. Crochet long sleeve shrug pattern starting from the bottom row and working your way up. We will make the arms during this process. After completing the collar part, we will do the joining process. Join the two ends of the sleeves and complete the pattern. Fold the collar out. Choose your favorite thread colors for this crochet patterns for free. Visit our category to complete the outfit with a beautiful autumn hat.



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