5 Free Bunny Crochet Lovey Pattern

Are you looking for cute sleeping companions to keep your babies company while they sleep? Here are 5 different fun crochet lovey patterns for you. Check out these free crochet lovey patterns and make one suitable for your baby. It will be both a sleeping companion and a playmate. Those who love making amigurumi will want to make a crochet baby blanket this time. You can make the blanket part as a 6-point star, more or a square. I know there is a blanket for every taste. Now let’s examine it together.

Free crochet lovey pattern

Today I am sharing a free crochet lovey pattern with you and I am very excited to share this cute subject. I’ve never shared such cute baby blankets before. Both amigurumi and a blanket. Isn’t it a great idea? I will leave you 5 wonderful free crochet lovey patterns below. You should definitely make the one you like the most or a few of them for your baby.

Bunny lovey crochet pattern

While this bunny lovey crochet pattern looks perfect for Easter, it’s not. You can change the colors and personalize it for your baby. Although the measurements in the crochet lovey pattern are 18″-22″, you can adjust it to be larger or smaller than you like.

bunny lovey crochet pattern

6 point star bunny lovey crochet pattern

It can be quite difficult to find a 6-pointed star in the crochet lovey pattern. Here’s one for you for free. You can use different amigurumi heads in this cute crochet lovey pattern. The designer is a rabbit and has made a few different experiments.

6 point star bunny lovey crochet pattern

Security blanket bunny lovey crochet pattern

Those who have babies may be bored with the same baby blankets all the time. This is where crocheted lovey baby blankets come to your aid and save you. This crocheted lovey is embroidered using the granny square technique. The granny square and square are a security blanket.

security blanket bunny lovey crochet pattern

Baby comforter bunny lovey crochet pattern

The long eared cute bunny lovey crochet pattern is available to you as a pdf. The big granny square baby blanket will make your babies happy with its soft texture. I think you should make a few in case it gets lost. Because your baby will love this crochet lovey blanket.

baby comforter bunny lovey crochet pattern

Easy bunny lovey crochet pattern

If you’re looking for an easy and free crochet lovey blanket, this is the ideal pattern for you. Make a beautiful bunny lovey blanket for your baby, so that they can be friends and cuddle together while sleeping. I loved that it was an easy level because it can be completed in a few hours.

easy bunny lovey crochet pattern



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