Cute Pea Pod Baby Crochet Cocoon Pattern Free

Cute Pea Pod Baby Crochet Cocoon Pattern Free
With the spring season, many fruits and vegetables began to appear. The crochet patterns we make are inspired by vegetables and fruits. In this article, we will make a baby cocoon crochet pattern. Read the designer notes to make a crochet baby cocoon shaped like a pea pod. Pea pods are green in color. You can use different shades of green color.

We will work from the bottom up. Free crochet pattern according to your baby’s measurements. The sewing method is the same throughout. After completing the crocheted cocoon, we will make small details to make it resemble a pea pod. Decorate the edges using different color thread. Make plant root decorations on the head of the crocheted cocoon. Your baby is now ready for your spring trips. Your baby will look very cute with this crocheted cocoon while walking around the parks. Visit our category to see other baby crochet cocoon pattern free.



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