Sunset Simple Crochet Sweater Pattern Free

Sunset Simple Crochet Sweater Pattern Free
I shared a crochet sweater patterns for you, inspired by ponchos and very suitable for the spring season. Welcome, our dear followers. The simple crochet sweater pattern free is very different from the models you have seen before. It is designed to have loose sleeves. If you got information about the materials by looking at the designer notes, I would like to tell you a little about the sweater.

As you can see in the picture, the colors are in the form of vertical lines. The lines show you your working direction. We’ll start from the sleeve end. We will expand it by increasing the stitching. We will make the sleeve of the sweater, the body part and then the other arm. We will make another one from the piece we prepared. We will have finished the ends of the sleeves after crocheting them as elastic stitches. You can make a few changes while making the sweater crochet patterns free. You can do it with open shoulders. You can make the waist part short or long. Don’t forget to share this pattern with your friends to support us.



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