Modern Free Christmas Tree Pillow Crochet Pattern

Modern Free Christmas Tree Pillow Crochet Pattern
I shared a wonderful crochet pillow pattern for those looking for different decoration ideas for the Christmas. Read the designer notes to make a free crochet pillow patterns step by step that you can design for every room in your home. When decorating our home for Christmas, we need different decorations. Make pine trees on pillows and decorate them. This way, you will make use of the small colorful beads that you do not use at home.

In the designer notes you will see a template showing how to make pine trees. Do the colors and stitches according to this template. Make the pine trees in green color, you can change the color of the pillow as you wish crochet patterns for free. I recommend light colored threads. After completing the front part as tree decorations, complete the back part with stripes. Complete the pillow by stuffing it tightly. Check out our category to see other christmas tree pillow crochet pattern.



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