Magnolia Flowers Shrug Free Crochet Pattern

Magnolia Flowers Shrug Free Crochet Pattern
When we think of spring, flowers come to our mind. Flowers bloomed in large greenery in nature. The designer was inspired by these flowers and designed this free crochet shrug pattern. Watch the youtube video to learn how. You can proceed by changing the color in each row as shown in the picture.

The crochet shrug patterns free is made using single color or multiple colors of yarn. The crochet pattern extends from the top of your shoulders to the level of your waist. It covers your arms but does not cover your front. It will only cover your back. Ideal for use in slightly cool weather. You can wear this shrug free crochet pattern when going to invitations and daily fun activities. You can support us by sharing this crochet patterns for free with your friends.



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