Little Stars Free Crochet Pattern Tank Top

Little Stars Free Crochet Pattern Tank Top
We made the best surprise for my friends who love sports with this crochet tank top pattern. Welcome to our article on the most beautiful free crochet tank top patterns. To make a pattern that is strikingly similar to an athlete’s suit, look at the designer’s notes and watch the YouTube video showing how it is made. Wear this crochet tank top pattern when you go for a walk in the summer. Since it is made of cotton, it helps you feel refreshed.

Light colored threads are preferred for the pattern using two different crochet hooks. Its shoulders are open and the neckline is V-shaped. The front and back of the collar are the same shape. The free crochet pattern tank top will end just above the navel. You can decorate the pattern by sewing finishing stitches on the edges. You can design beachwear by making a beautiful crochet hat.



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