Granny Square Free Small Dog Sweater Crochet

Granny Square Free Small Dog Sweater Crochet
I really liked the small dog sweater crochet made with the granny square stitch. Pay attention to the materials list from the designer notes and find out the crochet thickness used. Wear this sweater while going for walks with your cute dog. This sweater pattern is very suitable for small-sized breed dogs. Don’t forget to make a separate crochet dog sweater free for him to wear around the house.

We are making a free crochet patterns sweater this weekend for our lovely friend who is the joy of our home. First, let’s make the granny square pieces. After making the piece that will wrap the dog’s chest, let’s combine the square pieces we prepared with invisible stitching. After putting on the sweater, accessorize it with a hat and scarf, and take a photo immediately.



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