Free Psyduck Keychain Crochet Pattern

Free Psyduck Keychain Crochet Pattern (2)
You love crochet keychain patterns, here is a great psyduck crochet pattern for you. You can use it as a keychain or just as a crochet duck amigurumi toy. Since Psyduck is loved so much, I wanted to share it with you immediately. Since the amigurumi pattern is very easy, you can finish it in just a few hours. After completing everything, all you have to do is mount a keychain on the head part. You can then use it as an accessory for your keychain or your bag.

Psyduck Crochet Keychain Pattern

Designer: nakukibo.crochet


• Yellow velvet/ chenille yarn, 3-4 mm
• Beige cotton yarn, 3-4 mm (rico essantials, nature 51)
• Thin black yarn (2 mm)
• 3.5 mm, 2 mm crochet hooks
• Scissors
• Needle
• Stuffing


Mc- Magic circle
Slst- Slip stitch
Ch- Chain
Sc- Single crochet
Inc- Increase
Dec- Decrease
Fo- Fasten off
R- Round/row
<.>: do steps in parenthesis into same stitch

Head and body (yellow)

R1. 6 sc in mc (6)
R2. (inc)x6 (12)
R3. (sc,inc)x6 (18)
R4. (sc,inc,sc)x6 (24)
R5-7. 24 sc (24)
R8. (sc,dec,sc)x6 (18)
Start adding stuffing.
R9. (dec)x9 (9)
This is the head.
R10. (inc)x9 (18)
R11. (sc,inc,sc)x6 (24)
R12. (sc,sc,sc,inc)x6 (30)
R13-16. 30 sc (30)
R17. (sc,sc,sc,dec)x6 (24)
R18. (sc,dec,sc)x6 (18)
R19. (sc,dec)x6 (12)
Finish adding the stuffing.
R20. (dec)x6 (6)
Then fasten off.
Hide the yarn tail through the body.

Beak (beige)

R1. Ch 7
R2. Starting from 2nd chain from hook, sc around (12)
R3. (sc,dec)x4 (8)
R4. (sc,inc)x4 (12), then FO, leaving enough tail to attach.

Arm, make 2 (yellow)

R1. 6 sc into mc (6)
R2. 6 sc (6)
R3. (sc,inc,sc)x2 (8)
R4-5. 8 sc (8) then FO, leaving enough tail to attach.

Foot, make 2 (beige)

R1. Ch 2
R2. <3sc> into 1st ch + tch (3)
R3. <sc,slst>, <ch,sc,slst>, <ch,sc,slst> (8)

Tail (yellow)

R1. sc 5 into mc (5)
R2. sc 5 (5)
R3. sc,inc,sc,inc,sc (7)
R4. sc 7 (7), then FO, leaving enough tail to attach.

Hair (black)

R1. Ch 5
R2. sc 4, starting from 2nd ch from hook (4)
Repeat R1-R2 2 times.



• Attach the hair at the top of the head.
• Between R6-R7, embroider 2 simple eyes of 2 stitches wide and 4 stitches between them.
• Between R7-R9, attach the beak between the eyes.

Arms and feet

• Between R11-R14, attach the arms.
• Between R16-R18, attach the feet.


• Attach the tail on the back of the psyduck between R15-R17.



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