Child Free Circle Vest Crochet Pattern

Child Free Circle Vest Crochet Pattern
Crocheting is relaxing. Crochet, especially made for children, will relax and excite you. Welcome to our article on crochet vest to decorate your child. Start by reading the designer notes. The most important detail in this vest is that six different crochet hooks are used. We will change the thread colors and crochet thickness in each row, in each motif.

The free crochet vest pattern is easy to make step by step. When you lay it on the ground, you will see that it is round in shape. To make the crochet vest, we will start by making a circle. We will enlarge it every row. After making the place where the arms will pass, our vest will be ready. When you fold the upper part of the vest a little, the collar part will be formed crochet patterns free. Finish by sewing a button on the front. Design a beanie to complement this great vest easy crochet patterns. Don’t forget to browse our beanie category.



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