Harley Quinn Free Crochet Scarf Hoodie Pattern PDF

Harley Quinn Free Crochet Scarf Hoodie Pattern PDF
For me, winter means the time when the most beautiful accessories are used. The free crochet scarf hoodie is one of them. Download a free PDF to read designer notes. You will find detailed information on how to make it for children and adults in the designer notes. Inspired by the hoodie used by the character Harley Quinn. The colors are made like a rainbow to remind him.

We will crochet patterns the hoodie and scarf as one piece. First, we’ll start with the hoodie. Read the designer notes to learn how to make a zigzag stitch. After completing the hoodie part, we will make the scarf part. Finish by sewing the pom-pom on the long thread end to the end of the hoodie crochet patterns free. Browse the scarf category to see other scarf hoodie crochet pattern. Prepare your favorite accessory during the winter season.



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