Fingerless Crochet Dragon Floves Free Pattern PDF

Fingerless Crochet Dragon Floves Free Pattern PDF
We need fingerless gloves the most when working in the office. Download a free PDF to learn how to make the crochet fingerless gloves pattern step by step, which we can also use when going to the market. You can make stylish looking gloves by making a design in the shape of dragon scales.

The thickness of the needle to be used in the free pattern is the most important detail. You can easily make dragon scales using thin skewers crochet fingerless gloves pattern. I recommend marbled threads for thread color change. Let’s start making the glove from where the fingers end. We will make a row of straight stitches according to the measurement you took easy crochet patterns. We will continue by making sequins on the stitching. Sequins will be made up to wrist level. We will continue sewing up to the upper part of the wrists free crochet pattern. There is a video link in the PDF you downloaded that shows how to make dragon scales. Don’t forget to share this pattern with your gloves-loving friends.



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