Free PDF Snorlax Crochet Pattern

Free Snorlax Crochet Pattern-2
Hello, I am continuing with free crochet pokemon patterns. My surprise today is the snorlax crochet pattern. I love this pokemon who loves to eat and is quite lazy. Children love the Snorlax crochet amigurumi toy as much as I do. Follow and complete this free snorlax crochet pattern step by step to prepare a nice surprise for them. Thanks to the designer’s simple and understandable explanation, it is an ideal amigurumi pattern for beginners. It is enough to know basic crochet terms. Now let’s start processing this cute pokemon.

To get started with the free amigurumi crochet pokemon pattern, read the designer notes first. Download a free PDF for this. The body and head of the amigurumi pokemon are crocheted in one piece. Prepare and assemble the arms and legs. It will be a great surprise for your friends who love watching the Pokemon cartoon series.

Designer: loops_by_kat



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