Granny Square Free Crochet Crop Top Pattern

Granny Square Free Crochet Crop Top Pattern
Hello my friends who love crochet. Today I shared a wonderful crochet crop top pattern for you to prepare for spring and summer. In this pattern, we will also include the granny square motifs that were most used and popular in the past. We will decorate the free crochet crop top pattern with these colorful flower squares.

Crocheting starts from the neck part. It is tied behind your neck with two lengthened threads. These threads should not be too long or short. You should leave thread according to the size you are comfortable with. These threads can be added later. Crochet patterns free continues in increasing rows downwards. The top crop should be long enough to reach your back when it reaches your waist. Read the designer notes before starting the free crochet patterns process. You can access it from the link below.



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