Easy 18 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns New 2024

triangle scarf crochet pattern

I continue the day with a good topic. All beautiful and easy free crochet scarf patterns are here. Now they are all waiting for you, completely free of charge. Take a look at the crochet scarf pattern instructions you like right now and follow the necessary instructions step by step. Complete your own crochet scarf pattern. These scarves are generally the most preferred crochet scarves by those who are new to crocheting. You not only learn how to crochet, but also make a stylish scarf for yourself. How idea?

Easy Crochet Scarf Patterns

Welcome to our topic of easy crochet scarf patterns. Here are easy scarf patterns for you. At the same time, although not all of them are very easy, I can say that they are generally so. You may have difficulty with some patterns. They will also be suitable for intermediate level crochet lovers. Make one of these wonderful crochet scarves now to pamper yourself this winter.

Hooded scarf crochet pattern with pockets

hooded scarf crochet pattern with pockets

When the cold winter days come, you may need more than a crochet hat, this is a hooded scarf crochet pattern. It is a great pattern that you can use as both a hat and a crochet scarf. This hooded scarf crochet pattern also has pockets. It is designed to fully protect you from the cold.

hooded scarf crochet pattern with pockets - 2

Kerchief crochet scarf pattern

kerchief crochet scarf pattern

This crochet scarf will be completed in the shape of a triangle. You will also have fun while making this scarf. When making the triangle crocheted scarf, do not forget to use as many color variations as you wish.

Indigo lacy crochet scarf pattern

indigo crochet scarf pattern

This lacy crochet scarf pattern takes its name from the beauty of the color indigo. It was created to complement your style with its thin and light texture without weighing you down. It’s a very nice work, I want you to try it right now.

Breeze crochet scarf pattern

breeze crochet scarf pattern

This ocean-inspired crochet scarf is designed in a triangular shape and has a frill on the ends. You can adjust the scarf to be as large or small as you wish. If you don’t like the tassels on the ends, you can skip it.

Triangle scarf crochet pattern

triangle scarf crochet pattern - 2

You can create a triangle scarf crochet pattern from colored threads that you do not use. Complete this gorgeous and stylish looking triangle scarf crochet pattern now by following the detailed step by step instructions.

Sophie crochet scarf pattern

sophie crochet scarf pattern

It is very easy to make this tasseled and colorful crochet scarf. You will use basic crochet terms and also get a beautifully textured scarf. The designer will tell you how you can adjust your scarf to be longer or shorter. I think this easy crochet scarf will be your favorite fall scarf.

Easy crochet pattern triangle scarf

easy crochet pattern triangle scarf

It is possible to complete this easy crochet triangle scarf pattern using entirely double crochet. If you’ve never made a triangle scarf before, it’s a great choice to start with. You can use this as a triangle scarf or a crochet shawl. Now let’s see how to make this beautiful triangle scarf.

Crochet scarf with pockets

crochet scarf with pockets

Another crochet scarf with pockets pattern that beginners will love. This scarf, with eye catching tassels and stylish side pockets, may be your favorite this winter. Read the instructions for the most popular
crochet scarf with pockets pattern of recent times and get started by completing the necessary materials.

Speckled super crochet scarf pattern

speckled super crochet scarf pattern

Simple but extremely stylish, this oversized crochet scarf looks very nice. It will be one of the rare pieces that will complete your combination.

​Bandana crochet head scarf pattern

bandana crochet head scarf pattern

This very useful crochet head scarf pattern can be used in any manner once completed. Whether it’s a bandana, a shawl around your shoulders or a scarf around your neck. As you can see, its usage area is wide and stylish.

Walk crochet scarf pattern

walk crochet scarf pattern

Don’t go for a walk on cold days without taking this crocheted scarf. It is designed to always keep you warm even in the coldest weather. It looks very nice with its soft texture and ribbed design. Walk crochet scarf pattern consists of 4 different sizes. You can start by choosing the one that suits your body. Also, if you have just started crocheting, you can easily complete this scarf with a single crochet stitch.

Crochet granny square scarf

crochet granny square scarf

If you are wondering how to make this easy crochet granny square scarf, I leave a video tutorial for you below. Complete this colorful crochet granny square scarf pattern by following step by step and start using it as a beautiful accessory.

Honey crochet scarf pattern

honey crochet scarf pattern

If you want to make a scarf with color blocks and can’t find one, here’s one for you. Since it is suitable for both beginners, you can improve yourself while making this wonderful scarf.

Textured triangle crochet scarf pattern

textured triangle crochet scarf pattern

This herringbone textured triangle crochet scarf pattern is beautiful and very useful. Thanks to its large size and triangular shape, it can even be used as a poncho. Whether it’s a scarf or a poncho. Isn’t it beautiful? However, it may be a bit challenging for beginners.

textured triangle crochet scarf pattern - 2

Crochet hat and scarf patterns

crochet hat and scarf patterns

For beginner crochet lovers who want to improve themselves, Tunisian crochet hat and scarf patterns are here. It’s two crochet projects at once. Both a crochet hat and a scarf. They will be a good team. If you choose self-color changing threads, this scarf may seem much more difficult to make. Here are the instructions on how to do it waiting for you below.



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