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In almost every house, kitchen or living room, you can find a washer on the table that protects the tables from scratches, or the heat of the coffee/tea. There are a number of cup pads available on the market, but I love to crochet as I love them. Small trifle, and adds an interior of great climate. Such a set of pads will also work well as a gift for different types of occasions-as I prefer practical gifts, the same obdarowuję friends with such pads. Execution is extremely simple, for this we can be creative, combine with color, shape, pattern. Total freedom. Just crochet, purl and work! We can then lightly stiffen our krochmalem pads or simply solution of potato flour with water, dry, uprasować and ready! These pads can be washed, so they are sure to be used in any home for a long time.

Another thing that will emphasize the individuality no longer the house, and its owner, are also made to crochet corals, earrings, bracelets-one word miracles! This requires a bit more skill, creativity and patience, although the effects can be overwhelming. Corals can be made on wooden bases, on the basis of readily available in the stores of plastic thermosetting masses, earrings on the basis of beads or wheels szydeł Karskich-Choose from a huge number of colours of thread, additives-Beads Glass, wood, spacers, semi-finished – we only limit our own imagination! I personally call this type of trinkets “szydełkowaniem a new Generation” – that is, a tablecloth for jewellery. On the web you can find more and more creative and twisted artists with agile crochet, to which I belong!

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