Top 10 Free Knit Hat Patterns 2024

Knit hats patterns for women and men are listed here for you. 10 best knitted hats patterns are waiting for you. And all completely free of charge. We entered cold days and we were even late. If you don’t have a knit hat yet, gather your supplies now and get to work. Of course, you must first find the most suitable knitted hat pattern for yourself. These hats that I recommend for you are the most popular of recent times. Skill levels appeal to all kinds of people, from beginner to advanced.

Free hat knitting patterns

Free hat knitting patterns that will reflect your style and be your best friend to protect you from freezing cold are in this topic. Since I updated the old topic, you may not find other old topics. The knit hats I will list now are current and the most fashionable knitted hat patterns of recent times. If you are asking how to make a knitted hat, you are in the right place. Here you can learn how to make a hat step by step. Find the hat that suits you best and get to work. All of the designers will explain to you the steps you will need to take in detail. Now let’s take a look at these unique and special knit hats.

Chunky knit hat pattern

chunky knit hat pattern

I’m starting our list with the chunky knit hat pattern. This knitted hat can consist of two colors or more. The little hearts on it make this chunky hat even more special. Whether you’re on a ski holiday or out for a stroll on a cold snowy day, it’s sure to keep you very warm at all times. It will also match your outfit perfectly.

Classic ribbed knit hat pattern

classic ribbed knit hat pattern

Ribbed knit hat pattern for those who love simplicity and want a quick knit hat. This hat is an instructive work for beginners. You can make this hat in one color or in multiple colors. You will easily learn how to do this from the pattern instructions.

Mustard cable knit hat PDF pattern

mustard cable knit hat pattern

Here’s your favorite cable knit hat pattern, now free. This cable knit hat pattern is waiting for you with its magnificent appearance in mustard color. To make the classic cable-knit hat with folded edges, download a PDF file below and complete it.

Knit hat for women PDF pattern

knit hat for women pattern

This is exactly the knit hat pattern for women. The pattern of the hat may not be very suitable for men. However, as I said, it will look beautiful on women. It is suitable for working in two colors or single color.

Tweed knit hat pattern

tweed knit hat pattern

I love the sturdy twill cable knit hat pattern. This knitted hat will be very nice for men. Here is a great hat pattern for your boyfriend or husband. If you are wondering how to embroider it, you can access the knitting pattern instructions from the link below.

Slouch hat knitting pattern

slouch hat knitting pattern

This style of slouch hat knitting pattern is very popular. Here I wanted to add one for you. I loved the pink color in the picture. It is a hat that is suitable for more than one color as well as any color. It will look very stylish with your long coats and boots.

February knit hat pattern

february knit hat pattern

The texture of this February knitted hat is beautiful. It was highly appreciated thanks to its voluminous appearance. As for color, it will be compatible with many colors. However, I really like the mustard color in this type of knitted hat.

Bakers beanie knit hat pattern

bakers beanie knit hat pattern

This baker style beanie knit hat is a perfect men’s hat. It is perfect for keeping your wife from getting cold while going to work on these cold winter days. Knit a hat for him with your own hands and make him happy this winter. As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m sure it will be a great gift idea.

Bulky knit hat pattern

bulky knit hat pattern

This bulky knit hat has a pom pom on it. It will fit your head perfectly with its tight borders. It is a model more suitable for women.

Two color knit hat pattern

two color knit hat pattern

The patterns on this two-color hat add a nordic atmosphere. If you have just started knitting, it may be a bit challenging for you. That’s why it is an advanced knitting pattern. However, when it is completed, you will have a wonderful hat.



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