15+ Coziest Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Free Patterns- 2024

Greetings my friends, I am with you again after a long time and I miss you all very, very much. I haven’t been able to share free crochet cardigan pattern with you for a while. But I am happy to be back again. Today we will work with you crochet granny square cardigan patterns. I came up with fun and beautiful crochet patterns granny square cardigan ideas. The cold weather hasn’t come yet, I know. However, those who want to prepare for the winter days can get to work immediately. There is only one month left of the summer. It can be fun to embroider a crochet cardigan step by step. Crochet granny square cardigan models are also fun. Because the colorful squares make them more remarkable and unique. It’s like a fashion trend that will never end. Also, if you have granny squares left in the corner, you can try turning them into a cardigan. Very good idea isn’t it? Then now is the time to get to work.

Coziest And Easy Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Free Patterns Ideas

granny square cardigan pattern

In this crochet granny square cardigan pattern, predominantly blue yarns are used. We see the perfect harmony of the three colors blue, purple and light blue. A very nice crochet cardigan pattern. It is also very easy to make. I will leave you a pattern link so that you can easily follow step by step.

granny square cardigan pattern - 2


Coziest Crochet Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

coziest crochet granny square cardigan pattern

I continue with the most coziest crochet cardigan. Comfort is important among the granny square cardigan pattern. That’s why this pattern could be a great option for you. You can use it comfortably in front of your fireplace on a cold winter day or in cool weather in spring evenings. Here again, our designer remained faithful to the crochet granny square cardigan pattern using multiple colors and it was a very nice work.

coziest crochet granny square cardigan pattern - 2


Two Color Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

two color granny square cardigan pattern

The two color crochet granny square jacket looks gorgeous with its black and white colors as you can see. It offers you ease of use with its stance like a short jacket. In addition, in general, you can easily combine the color black with any piece. Although it looks like a new style piece, this crochet cardigan is the traditional granny square cardigan crochet patterns.


Lakeside Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

lakeside granny square cardigan pattern

The lakeside checkered granny cardigan pattern fascinates those who see it. I had one and everyone who saw it was asking where I bought it. Although it took some time to do this, I can say that it was really worth it. Thanks to its long length, I can say that it is very comfortable in terms of use. It is one of my favorite patterns among crochet granny square cardigan patterns. As for the colors, they all look harmonious with each other.

lakeside granny square cardigan pattern (2)


Crochet Cozy Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

crochet cozy granny square cardigan pattern

The crochet cozy granny square cardigan has been preferred by users lately and I think this is because it is short and thin. It can be quickly worn anytime and anywhere. It hugs your shoulders nicely and makes you feel comfortable. At the same time, thanks to its thinness, it does not sweat too much. If you are looking for such comfort, this is the cardigan for you.


Halloween Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

halloween granny square cardigan pattern

I continue with the special granny square cardigan model for Halloween. I wanted to mix such a pattern together. As you know, everyone has a costume rush on Halloween. Don’t you want to make a difference and knit such a crochet cardigan this Halloween?


Patchwork Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

patchwork granny square cardigan pattern

Patchwork crochet granny square cardigan is one of the most special pieces for me. It always attracts a lot of attention thanks to its patchwork look and color-to-color harmony. A little bohemian, a little comfort is what you’re looking for, right? I am looking for a granny square cardigan model, but if you want it not to be ordinary, it is the perfect fit for you.

patchwork granny square cardigan pattern (2)


Daisy Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

daisy granny square cardigan pattern

The daisy crochet granny square cardigan has appeared recently. Instead of the famous granny squares, they make daisy patterns. It looks way too cute. You can work with threads in the colors you want. Each one will be beautiful. The pattern is ideal for beginners. Since it is quite easy, you can complete the crocheted daisy cardigan without difficulty. You can work with the same technique as the daisy patterns are worked like the traditional mother square stitch. Our designer supports the free pattern with a video explaining how to do it for you.


Hooded Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

hooded granny square cardigan pattern

Here is the hooded crochet granny square cardigan pattern. This vintage-inspired crochet cardigan bears the marks of traditional granny square cardigans. Thanks to its soft texture and hood, it will keep you comfortable and relaxed. Whether you think about it for autumn or winter months, it can be with you whenever you want.


Hexagon Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

hexagon granny square cardigan

Have you ever knitted a hexagonal crochet cardigan before? If you haven’t, I leave one here for you. The crochet granny is knitted like a square cardigan and you can think of it as if you combined two pieces. The use of a super voluminous yarn makes it a very comfortable piece.


Granny Gift Square Cardigan Pattern

granny gift square cardigan pattern

I found you a crochet granny square cardigan pattern with minimal shaping. It is a great crochet cardigan pattern for beginners. All you have to do is gather the materials and follow the instructions. It is a very good option for gifting.


Kimono Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

kimono granny square cardigan pattern

Finally, I prepared a kimono cut crochet granny square cardigan pattern for you. Get ready right now for a cool late spring evening. The basis of the crochet cardigan is the classic square granny cardigan motifs. Start embroidering this wonderful crochet cardigan right now with color games where you can use your creativity freely.




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