8+ Free Crochet Animal Hats Patterns

I have compiled crochet animal hats for your most precious children. I think you will love the free crochet animal hat patterns for babies or toddlers. From crochet turkey hat to crochet fox hat, 9 free crochet animal hats are waiting for you, my valued readers. Beginners will be able to make easy and intermediate level crochet hat patterns without any difficulty. You wear many hats. Start making these crochet animal hats, each more fun than the other, now.

Free crochet animal hat patterns

You’ll have a lot of fun making the free crochet animal hat patterns. All of them are more fun than the other. As you start doing it, I think you can consider doing them all. If you want your babies not to get cold in winter and to have fun looks, you should definitely try these wonderful crocheted animal hats. It will also be a very sweet and well thought out gift idea. Now let’s examine these fun animal hats below.

Crochet fox hat pattern

This crochet fox hat is very popular lately. It was asked by many people and I found it for you. I can say that it is a timeless design. Below is a step by step tutorial on how to make this fun and cute crochet fox hat made with worsted weight yarn. You can start right now.

crochet fox hat pattern

Crochet bunny hat pattern

This cute crochet bunny hat pattern also comes with a crochet diaper. Make these two sets and get your baby ready for Easter. You can personalize it by choosing not only white but also your own colors as you see in the sample photo. Now just click on the link below to access this cute crochet bunny hat pattern.

crochet bunny hat pattern

Crochet turkey hat pattern

A great and fun crochet turkey hat pattern for beginners. While the whole family is getting ready for Thanksgiving, you can also prepare your baby for this special day with this fun crocheted turkey hat. It includes detailed pattern instructions on how to make it not only for your baby but also for adults.

crochet turkey hat pattern

Hello kitty crochet hat pattern

I’m so excited to come across an incredibly cute hello kitty crochet hat pattern. This hello kitty crochet hat is suitable not only for babies but also for teenagers, and the pattern instruction has detailed tips on how to adjust the sizes.

hello kitty crochet hat pattern

Crochet dinosaur hat pattern

This fun crochet dinosaur hat pattern is easy and quick to craft. Both the hat and the pointed parts on the tip are embroidered from top to bottom. You can make two types of crochet dinosaur hat patterns, both with closed and open ears. You can personalize the colors as you wish. However, the only point you should remember is that the hat and the spikes should be in different colors.

crochet dinosaur hat pattern

Crochet owl hat pattern

A beautiful crochet owl hat pattern for children and child-spirited adults. Since it is an intermediate level pattern, it may be a bit challenging for beginners. However, since there is not much different from the others, I think you can do it even if you have a little difficulty. I am one of those who prefer white thread for this owl hat.

crochet owl hat pattern

Free crochet puppy hat pattern

Puppy pattern from yet another popular crochet animal hat. You can modify this fun puppy crochet hat to make it your own. You can make the large dot on the eye as a heart, as seen in the example picture, or you can create more fun works.

free crochet puppy hat pattern

Crochet shark hat pattern

A crochet shark hat can be the perfect costume addition for Halloween. Using red thread on the inside of this hat can make it more eye-catching. This crochet animal hat is offered to you in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

crochet shark hat pattern

Crochet sloth animal hat pattern

Your children will love the crochet sloth hat. Make this wonderful crochet hat for your adventure loving children and let them have more fun. I think children who do not like to wear hats in winter will love these fun crocheted animal hats. We came to the end of our article with this sloth hat. I hope you like.

crochet sloth animal hat pattern



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