crocheted socks

How to knit socks with two circular needles


Have you tried weaving socks in two circular needles? It is possible and it can be easier and you do not like to work with double pointed needles (or DPN). Tambem has an opportunity so that the socks patterns do not coincide with any of your DPN.

This method controls or controls the operational system and controls two socks. Intermediary weight squeegee com to be for socks and dobradiça of socks for as well as circular hoses (can be used for socks, that is extremely efficient).

You must lose what you know or be the same to all of you less closely. For example, é provável that can get away with a size of EE. UU 7 and 8, why not necessarily com 7 and a 9. You may have to make a sample to test it.

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