Cozy And Stylish Free Cardigan Crochet Patterns 2024

granny crochet hexagon cardigan-2

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter. You will love these comfortable and friendly crochet cardigan patterns that will appeal to all of you. There is a crochet cardigan pattern for each of you, I’m sure of it. I can say that I am very happy to present crochet cardigan patterns to you free of charge. You will both make use of your time and protect yourself from the cold on these cold winter days.

Free crochet cardigan pattern

These colorful and different crochet cardigan patterns are suitable for all skill levels. It would be better for beginners to choose patterns that are a little easier for them. You will find whatever you are looking for in this article, from crochet hexagon cardigans to cozy crocheted cardigans. Start crocheting these cozy crocheted cardigans for yourself and your family now, step by step.

Granny crochet hexagon cardigan

granny crochet hexagon cardigan

Our first free crochet pattern is the granny crochet hexagon cardigan. If you have plenty of yarn scraps in your home, now is the time to use them. It will be very fun to make with colorful color combinations. This cardigan consists of 2 hexagons. Here I leave you a tutorial video so you can learn how to do it.

Country cardigan crochet pattern

country cardigan crochet pattern

Do you want to make a plus size crochet cardigan? Here is a good opportunity for you. This easy level plus size cardigan is here for free now. The faux fur detail on the collar adds a very nice atmosphere. It can be used easily on all body types.

Ribbed button cardigan crochet pattern

ribbed button cardigan crochet pattern

A stylish cardigan with loose sleeves and a friendly casual look. It looks very nice with its round neck and large buttons. Since it is done with sequential repetitions, it is very suitable for beginners. It has a pattern that will make you comfortable in your daily use.

Wednesday cardigan crochet pattern

wednesday cardigan crochet pattern

The name of this crocheted cardigan is Wednesday. If you are going to ask why it has such a name, I don’t know. Yes, I really don’t know, because my designer wanted to give it a name like that. Anyway, I can say that the result is a good work. I can say that it is a crochet cardigan that can be used comfortably in the spring months with its light texture. The fact that it is not very thick obliges it to be used this way. Here are the pattern instructions for this elegant cardigan waiting for you below.

Oversized cardigan crochet pattern

oversized cardigan crochet pattern

A special lace look cardigan for those looking for a plus size crocheted cardigan. It falls into the long crochet cardigan category with its light structure and long length. Isn’t it perfect for wearing on a cool summer evening?

Oversized bobble cardigan crochet pattern

oversized bobble cardigan crochet pattern

I’m continuing with another oversized crochet cardigan, but this time with a bobble stitch. I love bobble details in crocheted cardigans. A great option for lovers like me. You can create a colorful cardigan by using color combinations as seen in the sample picture.

Soft and cozy cardigan crochet pattern

soft and cozy cardigan crochet pattern

Perfect for a soft cozy winter crochet cardigan option. It looks different from others with its bright thread details and pattern embroidery. This might be your new favorite cardigan. This soft and cozy crochet cardigan is waiting for you.

Crochet cocoon cardigan

crochet cocoon cardigan

You can make yourself this magnificent cardigan, which turns into a crochet cocoon cardigan from a baby blanket. As I said, whether it’s a baby blanket or a crocheted cardigan. I really liked this very useful crochet cocoon cardigan. I’m excited to make one for myself.

Braided cable crochet cardigan sweater pattern

Braided crochet cardigan sweater pattern

The crochet cable cardigan has many fans. Here is another crochet cable cardigan pattern for you. Convenient and eye-catching cable details make it unique. A design that will never get old.

Boyfriend cardigan crochet pattern

Boyfriend cardigan crochet pattern

Another comfortable crochet cardigan pattern. I think you can reflect the warmth of this cardigan to your loved ones. It’s not a bad idea to gift them this crocheted cardigan. Complete this boyfriend cardigan with detailed step-by-step crochet pattern instructions and gift it.



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